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Consulting Services

You've had the photo shoot done, but that is only a piece of the puzzle! Choosing the correct images, having them properly printed, cropped and retouched is imperative to images that work for you whether it is getting a modeling or acting job or winning photogenic in a pageant.

What it costs for consulting with Catherine 

Compcard choices (5 images)    $50.00   w/design $100  (printing by quote)

Photogenic or modeling pick with editing recommendations per look  $25.00

Which photo to compete?  $10.00

Portfolio layout  $75.00

How to get into print modeling consultation (1 hr NYC market)  $150 

Custom 8.5x11 Print with hard plastic protector $40.00

 Same Day rush $65 plus shipping if needed

Photos picks can be from any photographer but we need a release to work and print other photographers images (no exceptions)

Catherine Fiehn has been a name in modeling and pageant industry for over 20 years because her images get people results. She has been there and done that as both a mom-manager and photographer.  Her images have won in all types of pageants from baby to the big national Miss/Mrs. systems and she hears "Catherine we booked it /won it nearly every day".

 Her choices win contests and help people get picked out of hundreds of photos both for being eye-catching and for psychological reasons.  

"I'm entering this pageant in hopes of taking 3rd runner up!"-Said no one ever

"When someone tells me their pageant photos aren't scoring well or their child isn't getting acting or modeling work I look at their photo proofs they had taken and more then likely they already have an outstanding image, but they didn't choose the correct one or have it edited properly. Furthermore I often see people asking social media friends who may not give the best advice. This is why I started consulting." -Catherine Fiehn

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