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Contestant Photo Galleries

Post crowning Queen's Sessions

Live Top Model     Competitions 

Contestant Photo Galleries-These sessions can be done upon arrival or at a orientation event! Each of your contestants will be photographed and one image will be provided for your contestant web roster, People's Choice event or program book.

Live Top Model Competitions- These provide extreme value to your pageant!  Use it as a main required event or as an optional competition. Contestants are personally photographed by Catherine Fiehn on one of the first days of competition and judged by your panel of judges.  Call or text 203-449-6697 for rates and details.

Post Crowning Queen's sessions- Your queen's have been crowned and it's time for their first publicity photoshoot before they leave town!  Catherine will photograph them individually and a group in both formal and fun poses on location or with our portable 20x20 ft white background!

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