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Wedding and Event Content Creation

A great videographer & photographer are some of the most important vendors for your wedding. That being said, while they are busy capturing every moment of your day,

a professional content creator can be irreplaceable to free up yourselves, wedding party and guests to be present in the day while creating an online minute by minute accounts of the day! Our content creation services provide both photos and video of your event same day, throughout the day. It's up to you how often we post during your big day but just imagine the excitement of those friends, fan and family around the world who a present in spirit as they see your day unfold! the end of the day you will immediately receive all of the images and video we take during your big via Google Drive. 

Introductory Rates

Photos only $30 per hour
Photos and video $50 per hour
Posting to all of your favorite platforms including Facebook, Instragram, TikTok and the like...all of our content creators are professional photographers, have back up equipment and aware of other visual vendors as to not get in their way or be obtrusive! Call or text 203-449-6697 for a availability and a contract!

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